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Linux Bash Scripting Tutorial


Shell is a executable program in Linux, Which provides Command Line Interface to end User(CLI)

Shell runs on top of Kernel along with many other applications in the system, Shell submits user commands to kernel, kernel processes those commands send output to shell again, shell converts those output into human readable form.

There are many shells are available , among those

  • Born Shell sh
  • bash:Born-Again SHell
  • ksh:Korn Shell
  • csh:C Shell
  • tcsh: TENEX C shell, a superset of common C Shell,also know as Turbo C shell

Many shells have common functionality, But some shells have additional features,for ex: Bash has command history, commond editing feature etc., For GNU Operating systems bash is the default shell.

shell ​ ​The shell is the default environment, command interpreter, and programming language in
Unix and Linux systems. It is an interface between the user and the kernel.