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Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Excel Ribbon Customizable User Interface for frequently used commands,so that user can speed up his/her work, Earlier versions of Excel has Menu Bar and Tool Bar, Latest versions of Excel, Menu and Tool bars are integrated, called it as a Ribbon.

Ribbon provides User friendly icons and Context sensitive information, add tables,increase font size, coloring text etc.,
Clipboard command sequence guides us, copy & paste. in Addition Paste values,Paste formulas,Paste formatting...

If user is familiar with all Ribbon commands ,then he is good in excel.

excel ribbon
  • Click on Home Menu: Home Commands will be displayed
    • Clipboard
    • Font
    • Alignment
    • Number
    • Tables
    • Cells
    • Editing
  • Click on Insert Menu: Insert Commands will be displayed
    • Functions
    • Tables
    • Illustartions
    • Charts
    • Links
    • Comments
    • Office Add-ins
  • Click on Formulas Menu: Formulas Commands will be displayed
    • Calculate Workbook
    • Calculation Option:Manual,Automatic,Automatic except for DataTables
  • Click on Data Menu: Data Commands will be displayed
    • Connections
    • Data Types
    • Sort & Filter
    • DataTools
    • Outline
  • Click on Review Menu: Review Commands will be displayed
    • Proofing
    • Accessability
    • Comments
  • Click on View Menu: View Commands will be displayed
    • Sheet View
    • Window
    • Show