Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Microsoft Excel is a Spreadsheet software allows the user to combine data,mathematical formulas,text,graphics together in a single report or workbook. Excel allows business to manage their data, create useful analyses and visualizations, and discover insights into their operations by using rich business intelligence analysis tools. Excel is so flexible, you can use Excel to enter data, analyze the data with basic stastistical tests and charts, and then create reports summerizing your findings.

Every Excel file has a Workbook , Workbook contains group of Worksheets, each work sheet is a set of rows, each row contains set of cells. Each cell can be formatted according to your needs. for example: Numeric cell, String cell, date cell etc., by default all cells are string formatted. Rows are autonumbered Rowo Row1 etc., so cells also automatted Cell0 Cell1 etc.,

Excel workbook can be created using blank template,or customized template. In blank template cells can be formatted accoring to your needs. Where as customized templates has pre-formatted cells.
Collection of cells are knows as columns.