PL SQL Tutorial

PL SQL Introduction

PL SQL Engine submits SQL statements to SQL Engine, SQL Engine is the way to communicate with Database Server. Pl SQL Engine never directly talks to Database Server.

PL/SQL is highly structured Block design with different sections. PL SQL is tightly integrated with SQL.Pl SQL is portable and Standard language for oracle development. You can run PL/SQL applications on any operating Systems and platform where Oracle Server runs.

PL SQL is a statically typed programming language, data types must be declared and checked at compile time.

PL SQL is object-relational langauge,but at its core,it is a relational,procedural programming language

PL/SQL Architecture

Pl-SQL Architecture,Oracle 18c PL/SQL Tutorial, PL SQL Programming

Memory Areas in PL/SQL, UGA(User Defined Global Area,) PGA Program Defined Glocal Area, SGA System Defined Global Areas.

PL/SQL Can be Used to Process XML Tree Nodes

PL/SQL Can be Used to Process JSON Data Format

PL/SQL Can be Used to load External Files into the Database

PL/SQL Can be Used to CLOB and BLOB and BFILE types into Database

PL/SQL doesnot support Multi-Threading, but same thing can be achived using PIPE LINE Functions

PL/SQL supports collection Objects as a Table Column

Environment Used to Write Pl/SQL Programs

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