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Python tutorial

Python Named Tuple in Collections

    Assign name to each element in the tuple, and access individual element by Name rather positional index. Tuple is a immutable objects i.e once tuple is created elements can not be added or deleted. Same principle applies to Namedtuple also, NamedTuple is a another container class, Mainly used for reading comma,or tab seperated files like CSV files, tabler data from execl file or reading table data from databases.etc.,

namedtuple class located in collections module

Syntax for creating namedtuple object

typename subclass of tuple named typename
filed_namesField names in typename. format for field names.
  1. fields as one string seperated by space or comma
  2. List with each element is a string
renameby default it is False.
If it is set to True, Any repeated fileds will be removed, Any reserved words will also be removed, and replaced with positional paramters
defaultsDefault values can be assigned to individual fields, using iterable or tuple
NamedTuple Example:
       Import namedtuple from collections module
       >>>from collections import namedtuple
       Creating a Address namedtuple  subclass which has following fileds, Name,Street,Zip,Country.       
       >>> Address = namedtuple('Address',['Name','Street','Zip','Country'])

       Assign values to each field
       >>> a=Address('sam','gandhi','436636','INDIA')
       Display Address Class with associated fileds.
       >>> a
       Address(Name='sam', Street='gandhi', Zip='436636', Country='INDIA')
      Accessing Individual Fields
      gandhi road
Create a namedtuple with default values
 >>>Address = namedtuple('Address',['Name','Street','Zip','Country'],defaults=tuple('sam','gandhi road','45544','India'))

This is same as above,  Instantiate with empty arguments

Display Address class with associated fields
Address(Name='sam', Street='gandhi road', Zip='45544', Country='India')
Create a namedtuple from a Dictionary
   //Dictionary with same field Names as named tuple
   >>>d={'Name':'sam','Street':'gandhi road','Zip':'45544','Country':'India'} 

  Method 1

   >>>Address = namedtuple('Address',['Name','Street','Zip','Country'],defaults=d.values())
  Note:Order of the keys should match with named tuple

  Method 2
      //Instantiating Address class with values of Dictionary. i.e  
      Keys should match field names in named tuple, values will be assigned to each filed
  Note:Dictionary element keys can be  in any order
  //Display Address Instance values
  Address(Name='sam', Street='gandhi road', Zip='45544', Country='India')