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Python tutorial

Python Statements, Syntax, Expressions


     A Statement is an instruction to the Interpreter. Python Statement can be a Simple or Compound statement. Simple Statement is a one line code. i.e variable initialization, variable assignment , etc., A Compound Statement is group of python code, which spans into multiple lines. for ex: loop statements body has bunch of statements to execute,these are called as Compound Statement. Python VM(Virtal Machine) converts every statement into a Byte code.

In Python Statements are seperated by new line. or it can be seperated by semi-colon(;).i.e multiple statements can be written in a single line using semicolon as seperator

Simple Statements

    1. Expression statements
    2. Assignment statements
3. The assert statement 4. The pass statement 5. The del statement 6. The return statement 7. The yield statement Functions
8. The raise statement Exception Handling
9. The break statement 10. The continue statement Loops
11. The import statement 12. The global statement 13. The nonlocal statement Functions
Compound Statements.

    1. The if statement
    	Control Statements
2. The while statement 3. The for statement Loops
4. The try statement Exception Handling
5. The with statement File Handling
6. The match statement 7. Function definitions Functions
8. Class definitions Classes Objects Inheritance
9. Coroutines



    1. Arithmetic conversions
    2. Atoms
    3. Primaries
    4. Await expression
    5. The power operator
    6. Unary arithmetic and bitwise operations
    7. Binary arithmetic operations
    8. Shifting operations
    9. Binary bitwise operations
    10. Comparisons
    11. Boolean operations
    12. Assignment expressions
    13. Conditional expressions
    14. Lambdas
    15. Expression lists
    16. Evaluation order
    17. Operator precedence