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C Programming Tutorial


   C is a general purpose, procedural oriented programming language, invented by dennis Ritchie in 1970.
The Procedural building block of the C program are functions. The functions contain statements that can be executed sequentially, and statements can also be grouped to form block statements or blocks.

Every C Program must define at least one function of its own, with the special name main(). This is the first function invoked when the program starts. main () function is the program's top level of control, which can call other functions as subroutines.
The Primary purpose of the C Program is to produce portable code while maintaining performance and minimizing footprint(CPU time, memory, disk I/O ettc.,). This is usefull for Operating Systems, embedded Systems etc.,

C is a compiled Programming Language, C Compiler compiles source code into machine dependent instructions,

C is Portal Language: In the Sense C Source code is portable to other Operating Systems.

C is Imperative Programming Language