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Python 3 Tutorial

Introduction to Python

Python is general purpose, interpreted Programming Language, Which supports Procedure Oriented, Object-Oriented, Functional Oriented Paradigms.

Python is dynamically typed programming language. You never have to explicitely specify the data type of anything. Python internally will keep track of the data. Python program is composed of modules,statements,expressions and Objects.

Python supports OOP, exception, and modular design.and compiles to a portable bytecode format.

Python can be used as a Rapid Application Development. Python Programs are smaller, simpler and more flexible than compiled programming languages.

Python is a Interpreted Programming Language. Python Compiler executes each statement at a time and converts into python Byte code, These Byte codes are executed by Python JIT(Just-in-Time) Compiler.

Python Virtual Machine(pvm)

   Once the program has been compiled to byte codes, PVM the runtime engine of your program, which iterates through your byte codes.

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Dynamic typing also has some advantages, though: for example, metaclasses and introspection are easier to implement with dynamic typing.

Python file extensions are .py and .pyc

Popular Python JIT Compilers are:

Python Programs are Composed of following elements:
Programs composed of Modules
Modules composed of Statements
Statements contain Expressions
Expressions create and process objects

Python can be used to build
  • WebApps
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Automation
  • Games

Installing Python(Manual)

   Download Python software from http://www.python.org

Installing Jupyter NoteBook


Installing PyCharm IDE(Integrated-Development Environment)


Installing Python On Fedora, Ubuntu(Automatic)


Installing On Fedora

$ sudo dnf install python

Installing On Ubuntu

$ sudo dnf install python

Installing On Debiean

$ sudo dnf install python



Comments in Python

    Python supports single line comments and Multi-line Comments

# symbol is used for single line Comments

Triple-Double Quotes is used for Multiple-line Comments, as shown below, which spans multiple lines.

		comment text 1
		comment text 2
		comment text 3