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Python JSON Module Example

     JSON(Java Script Object Notation) is a textual data and interchangeble format across different applications and in different platforms ,Python JSON related functions exists in json module. This module has various methods to read JSON data, Parse JSON data, Load JSON data from a File, and Write into a JSON File

JSON module doesnot supports JSON schema for typed data. So for this ,Programmer should import jsonschema module for data validations.

Serialize JSON data --> Persisting JSON Data into a External File(HDD,SDD or USB) (A file in the file system)

DeSerialize JSON data --> Load JSON file from External Media like HDD, SDD or USB

Import JSON Module
      		import json
API Application Program Interface - A contract between applications that defines the patterns of interaction between two application components. ElementTree A built-in Python library used to parse XML data. JSON JavaScript Object Notation. A format that allows for the markup of struc- tured data based on the syntax of JavaScript Objects. SOA Service-Oriented Architecture. When an application is made of components connected across a network. XML eXtensible Markup Language. A format that allows for the markup of structured data. xml module, 326 xml.dom module, 326 xml.etree module, 326 Implementation of the ElementTree API. xml.minidom module, 326 xml.parsers.expat module, 326 XML-RPC (XML-Remote Procedure Call), 249–250 xmlrpc module, 326 Xmlrpc.client module, 326 Xmlrpc.server module, 326 xml.sax module, 326 xml.sax.handler module, 326