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Python XML file Module Example

     XML file(Comma seperated values) is a textual data Python XML file related functions exists in XML file module. This module has various methods to read XML file data, and Write into a XML file File

Import XML file Module
      		import xml
API Application Program Interface - A contract between applications that defines
the patterns of interaction between two application components.
ElementTree A built-in Python library used to parse XML data.
JSON JavaScript Object Notation. A format that allows for the markup of struc-
tured data based on the syntax of JavaScript Objects.
SOA Service-Oriented Architecture. When an application is made of components
connected across a network.
XML eXtensible Markup Language. A format that allows for the markup of
structured data.

xml module, 326
xml.dom module, 326
xml.etree module, 326 Implementation of the ElementTree API.
xml.minidom module, 326
xml.parsers.expat module, 326
XML-RPC (XML-Remote Procedure Call),
xmlrpc module, 326
Xmlrpc.client module, 326
Xmlrpc.server module, 326
xml.sax module, 326
xml.sax.handler module, 326